NFL Week 14 Preview: Titans vs Colts

By Stephanie Umek
Titans and Colts
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Football fans you will hear a lot of this over the next month and that is that the Tennessee Titans will be involved with a division matchup this week as the teams enter the final few games of the season. Last week it was the Houston Texans, this week they will try their best against the Indianapolis Colts.

The two teams have exactly the opposite record. The Colts sit at 8-4 while the Titans are at 4-8. They are still not the worst in the division though. The Jacksonville Jaguars currently only have two wins. So it could be worse.

The odds of course are very much in favors of rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts. There is a bit of controversy after the last meeting between these two teams. The Titans lead for a majority of the game until the Colts came back in the fourth quarter. The game went into overtime and the Colts eventually won on a controversial touchdown.

The teams defenses are roughly about the same, with Indy having a slight edge over the Titans. Passing is going to be the biggest thing because the Colts know how to get the ball down the field; and with the Titans defense being what it is this year, it is going to take a bit of extra elbow grease to get the win.

There is something I do know though. It is that the Titans have to be getting sick of losing games that they know they should have won. It happened with the Colts once and with the Jacksonville Jaguars just a couple weeks ago. These are games that they cannot afford to lose and they know they deserve to win them. The Titans have to play in full force up until the final second. That is all that there is to it. That is how they are going to be able to win games for the remainder of the season.

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