Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs Surrendered 9 Guns To Law Officers

By Ben Grimaldi
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

In a case that would probably make Bob Costas buy advertising time on television to make sure everyone knew where he stood on the issue of gun control, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had nine guns taken out of his home in November. Suggs had to give up the guns in a protective order granted to the mother of his two kids.

According to WBAL-TV, law enforcement confiscated a revolver, two pistols, three rifles and three shotguns from his home and there is no word on if he’ll get the firearms back. There is also no word on whether Suggs had a license or permits for any of the guns.

This action is the result of his fiancee, Candace Williams, filing a temporary protective order against him.

I have no idea why he has nine guns, but he is a grown man and, assuming he owns the guns legally, I see no problem with him owning them. However, in light of what has happened recently, I can understand why the incident would make headlines.

I am wondering: if the Jovan Belcher incident didn’t happen and there was no Bob Costas standing on his soapbox like he did on Sunday night, would we have heard about this story at all? I agree that guns are a serious issue, but no one should make any allegations about gun owners based on recent events in the headlines.

For now, all we know is that nine guns were taken out of Suggs’ home. I’m sure we’re all anxiously waiting to hear from Bob Costas on the situation. Oh, you’re not?

Me either.

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