Cleveland Browns: The Formula To Beating The Kansas City Chiefs

By Ryan Ruiz
Denny Medley-US Presswire

The last two games the Cleveland Browns have somewhat followed my formula, and wouldn’t you know, they have won both games. The Browns host the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday on the the lakefront. If the Browns follow the following formula, they will have won three games in a row.

The Chiefs’ offense lives and dies by one super star player, Jamaal Charles. The Cleveland defensive front needs to out push the KC offensive line. If Charles is given just the smallest of openings, he can burst past the second level and hit a homerun. This must not happen. Dick Jauron would be smart to assign one player to Charles to mirror. Whether it be a speed linebacker or a safety, emphasis has to be put on Charles. The speedy 25 year old can’t be given any room to operate out of the backfield either. Be prepared for slip screens and blow them up. Already a 1,000 rusher, Charles poses the biggest threat to the Browns.

Welcome back Brady Quinn, Peyton Hillis, Brian Daboll, and Romeo Crennel. This is somewhat of a homecoming for a handful of players and coaches. When a player or coach leaves some place especially after a controversy or failure, vengeance comes in to play. Eliminate that mentality and don’t get caught up in the drama. Quinn is nothing special and will fold under pressure. Hillis is a joke and ruined his stardom career last season. And Crennel is a good person and players’ coach with a dismal career head coaching record of 27-51.

Each week, Browns star corner back of covering Dwayne Bowe. Haden needs a break out game this Sunday. Blanketing Bowe would be a smart idea. Bowe has the size and hands to catch just about everything thrown in his path. Haden needs to watch the film and be up to the task of shutting down Bowe.

The Browns defense as a whole have been laying some serious licks on opponents since the bye week. Continue to do that. Forced fumbles have become second nature to the Cleveland defense. They must get one or two of those on Sunday. The defense needs to continue making momentum changing plays at the right time. Guys like Frostee Rucker, Atyba Rubin, Phil Taylor, and Jabaal Sheard need to attack and get at least three sacks as a group. Quinn must always have long fields to work with. Do not give him short field positions for scoring opportunities.

The Chiefs’ defensive line is the concern for the Browns. Cleveland must find a way to slow down linebacker Tamba Hali and linebacker Justin Houston. Together, they have gotten to quarterbacks this year for 16 sacks. Trent Richardson should expect to see a lot of no. 56, Derrick Johnson. Richardson and Montario Hardesty must hold on to the football.

The Browns special teams is over due for a touchdown. Getting six from the special teams could be the difference in this contest. Josh Cribbs has come so very close to breaking one open a few times this year, this may be his week.

Despite their poor record, Kansas City is an emotionally dangerous team to face right now. Instead of playing with nothing to lose, they are playing with emotion and heart for a loved one/teammate. The loss of linebacker Jovan Belcher is very tragic, but a game still has to be played. There is no reason why the Browns could not win their third game in a row. Cleveland Browns Stadium will be rocking when that happens.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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