Denver Broncos Should Keep Utilizing Run Game

By Mark Stringer
Kyle Terada – US Presswire

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox may start getting a lot of questions as to why the Broncos are running the football so much when they have a surefire Hall of Fame QB in Peyton Manning who is on pace for a career-best season.

Manning may very well be the best to have ever played the game, but he is also 36 years old. There is no need to wear Manning down through the course of a 16-game regular season by throwing the ball a ton each game. Through 14 games in 2012, the Broncos are averaging 37 pass attempts per game, which is plenty for a QB of Manning’s age.

Many fans and critics are starting to wonder why the Broncos would be using their average RBs as much as they are since starter Willis McGahee went down with an injury. Having average and inexperienced RBs in rookie Ronnie Hillman and fourth-year pro Knowshon Moreno is exactly why Denver should utilize its running game more down the stretch. The Broncos are already locked up the AFC West division title and they will continue to push for home field advantage, but they must continue improving in their weaker areas in the process.

What better way to keep Manning fresh for the playoffs and to work on their inexperienced RBs than to run the ball around 30 times a game for the rest of the regular season? There is not a better way. It’s a perfect game plan for the Broncos to continue winning and get to where they need to be for a Super Bowl push.

Trust me, when the games get more serious and there is more at stake, the Broncos’ play calling will rely more heavily than ever on Manning and he doesn’t need more reps, but the run game does.

Broncos fans will be glad their team ran the ball more come January (and hopefully February) and the critics will be silenced.


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