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NFL Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall Duo Living Up to Expectations

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While some of this Chicago Bears roster has been exposed as flawed throughout this season, the one thing that hasn’t has been the Quarterback-Wide Receiver tandem of Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. The two have been magical this season and have been arguably the best QB/WR tandem in franchise history.

From a statistical standpoint, Cutler is having a down season. You can attribute that to Cutler himself, new offense, offensive line woes, and lack of weapons outside Marshall. The one main thing that has been consistent is Cutler success throwing to Marshall.

The QB and WR combo have developed a strong connection for one another that date back to their years as teammates of the Denver Broncos. Cutler first career touchdown was thrown to Marshall against the Seattle Seahawks back in the 06 season. In their two years in Denver, Cutler and Marshall have compiled for 205 receptions for 2385 yards and 13 TD’s. This season, the two have connected for 91 receptions for 1182 yards and 8 touchdowns. Cutler and Marshall are on pace to having their best season together as a QB/WR duo.

“The passing game’s going to run through him,” Cutler told Minnesota-based reporters in a conference call. “We’re going to try to find ways to get him the ball and get him involved as much and as early as possible.”

With an aging defense that has lately been showing its age, Matt Forte having his worst year as a pro, and many other offensive problems, the Bears have put all their eggs in Cutler and Marshall to get them to the playoffs and win a championship. I’m not sure that formula will work in the post season, but as far as the future is concern, the Bears have a legit QB/WR combo for years to come.