Knowshon Moreno Impressive in Denver Broncos Win

By Joe Morrone
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos won their eighth straight game on Thursday night and while it wasn’t always pretty, they did rediscover their running game. Knowshon Moreno had his best game as a pro with 119 yards rushing; including an impressive two yard touchdown run to put the game away. How can a two yard run be impressive?

The biggest criticism of Moreno has been his inability to get the tough inside yards, particularly in short yardage. That touchdown run was everything the people have been saying he cannot do. In addition to that touchdown run, Moreno converted a couple of short-yardage situations into first-down. No one is going to confuse Moreno with the great backs of all-time but if he can continue run like he did versus the Oakland Raiders, then the Broncos are in good shape. Moreno also made a couple of big plays in the passing game, including a big play on the opening drive for a touchdown.

The Raiders are an awful defense and the Broncos probably will not be able to run as well as they did on Thursday night versus better defenses, but they don’t have to. If Moreno and Ronnie Hillman, who also had a solid night, can give the Broncos any kind of running threat then they can go deep into the playoffs.

The Broncos are a passing team and that’s how they are going to win, but every team has to be able to run the ball some. Moreno hasn’t lived up to his draft position and he never will but he gave the Broncos exactly what they needed versus the Raiders. The defense had to account for him and that opened up some things in the passing game. It wasn’t a pretty win but the Broncos grinded it out, and that should be a source of optimism for fans.

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