NFL Rumors: Could Norv Turner Return To Dallas Cowboys As Offensive Coodinator?

By Ben Grimaldi
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With all the rumors swirling that Norv Turner will be fired by the San Diego Chargers after the season ends, there will certainly be speculation for Turner’s name to come up with the Dallas Cowboys. There will be many people wondering if Turner would make a good fit as the offensive coordinator with the Cowboys.

Actually, the rumors have already started. According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, the word inside the Cowboys organization is that if and when Turner gets fired, the team will have discussions about bringing Turner in as the offensive coordinator. If this move were to be made, it would allow Turner to call the plays and Jason Garrett could focus on being the head coach.

The connection makes sense since Garrett played under Norv Turner when he was the offensive coordinator the Cowboys Super Bowl team of 1993. The two still have a good relationship and it would seem like the kind of hire that would fit in with Garrett. Garrett can certainly trust Turner and we all know how much Jerry Jones thinks of Norv’s ability since he nearly hired him in 2007 as the team’s head coach.

In reality, this is the exact offensive coaching personnel the Cowboys nearly had in 2007 before he hired Wade Phillips. Obviously the roles were reversed but the people are the same.

However, there are a few holes in the theory of hiring Turner, one of them being the fact that Jones likes his head coach to also be a coordinator. The other is the Cowboys already have an offensive coordinator in Bill Callahan, who has only been on the job for one season.

We all know that Norv Turner, like Wade Phillips, is a much better coordinator than head coach so there could be a fit, especially if the Cowboys season doesn’t end well. The connection of Garrett and Jones to Turner does make sense for everyone involved but let’s have the season play out before we start getting into hypothetical hires.

Come next year though, don’t be surprised to see Norv Turner as the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator.

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