NFL Rumors: Is Dallas Cowboys Pass Rusher DeMarcus Ware Playing Injured?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware hasn’t been himself lately. For the first time all season, Ware failed to collect a sack in back-to-back games and fans are beginning to worry about why they aren’t coming. In fact, Ware only has one sack combined in his last four games.

Some people, like me, are also wondering why defensive coordinator Rob Ryan refuses to bring pressure to help Ware get to the quarterback. Aside from Ryan, there might be a reason for the drop in Ware’s sack totals, he maybe playing through injuries.’s Rowan Kavner reports that Ware’s been playing with neck and shoulder ailments that bother him from time to time. To his credit, Ware says that despite being bothered by the injuries, he plays through it.

“It’s always week to week,” Ware said. “When people always tell me how my body feels, I say good enough to play on Sunday.”

Ware also had a hamstring issue in training camp and that has bothered him at different times this season as well.

The Cowboys can ill afford to lose Ware for any amount of time and just having him on the field impacts the game, but the defense needs more from him. The NFL is a long season and nagging injuries are always part of the deal.

Ware’s injuries may explain the lack of production this year as he has fallen off his sack pace of the past few seasons. The Cowboys need everything Ware’s got in the final four games if they want to make the playoffs. Hurt or not, if DeMarcus Ware is playing, he needs to be more productive.

Now, more than ever, the Cowboys need a healthy Ware. Just don’t be too sure you’re getting it.

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