NFL Rumors: Will the Minnesota Vikings Sign a Wide Receiver?

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

Without Percy Harvin for the rest of the season, the Minnesota Vikings will no doubt continue to have problems making plays at wide receiver. The group of current wide outs have proven to be ineffective for the majority of the season. It wasn’t until late in the fourth quarter last week that a receiver even caught a pass. In today’s pass-happy league, that’s just sad.

So what will the Vikings do about it?

To date, they’ve done absolutely nothing. There were rumblings that they finally were going to look into signing a free agent for some help, but nothing has ever materialized. I haven’t even seen a report of them working anybody out, at all.

The same names always come up when you talk about established receivers that are available: Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Braylon Edwards.

I hope the Vikings don’t sign any of these players. Owens and Johnson are just not the type of players that Rick Spielman wants to bring in, as they don’t really go along with the theme of rebuilding the squad with young talent.

If I had to choose one I would pick Edwards because he’s at least not over the hill, but at the same time, he just isn’t good anymore. The Seattle Seahawks dropped him like a rock earlier this week after he had only racked up 74 yards on the season. If nothing else, he at least has played in an actual game this season, and in theory would be in game shape.

At this point in the year it seems unlikely the Vikings will sign anyone. You’d think they would have weeks ago if they were going to, and heading into the final four weeks it looks like they are just going to go with the roster they have. Fans can only hope tight end Kyle Rudolph has a career week, every week, for the remainder of the season.

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