Oakland Raiders have given up the most points in the NFL

By Jeremy Hayes
Allen Kelley L. Cox

The Oakland Raiders aren’t just losing games, they are getting killed.

The Raiders have the worst point differential in the NFL right now. Which means that each game they are falling deeper and deeper into the negatives of the point differential. They currently stand at -154, which means they have allowed 402 points so far this season.

Now keeping in mind that they did play a Thursday night  game last night, one of the other bottom teams in the NFL could catch up. They are currently the only team right now that has allowed over 400 points, and the next closest is 359.

So just how terrible are the Raiders on defense?

It is so easy to point out specific players and say they are talented, but this is a team sport and the Raiders are falling as a team. The offense is failing to get the job done, but the defense couldn’t stop a car if the breaks were nailed down. They might not be the worst team in the league, but the organization as a whole is absolutely terrible. No one is doing there job well enough obviously, and the Raiders can not go into the off-season conservatively.

Blame injuries all you want, but the whole point of a 53-man roster is so an organization can work hard to get a team put together with a lot of depth. Right now, the Raiders look like they won’t be able to stop anybody the rest of the NFL season.

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