Will The New York Giants Be Able To Use Three Safeties After This Season?

By jason evans
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

The New York Giants three-safety look has helped them win quite a few games. Just look at what they did to the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago. Having Kenny Phillips and–this year–Stevie Brown with Antrel Rolle covering the slot receiver has been very helpful to the Giants in recent years with their coverage schemes. The question is: will this be the last year that they can pull off this look?

Phillips and Brown will be free agents. Brown signed for this year at a little under $600k and will be a restricted free agent. It is entirely possible that a team could swoop in and make a huge offer to Brown, so the Giants will have to let him go. The Giants have a lot of other holes to fill as well as securing new contracts for guys like Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul.

Phillips is a unrestricted free agent. The former first round pick is certainly a talented player. The problem with him is that he just can’t stay healthy. He played in only two games in his second season, missed one game last year and has only played in six games this year. Is he going to be worth making a long term investment in, or should the Giants look elsewhere?

They have Tyler Sash and Will Hill on the roster. To me, Hill would make the most sense to step in, but the coaching staff may not feel the same way. They could always go into the draft and grab someone, but one of the Giants’ strengths is having one of the best groups of safeties in the league.

Could this be the last year of the three safety look? Only time will tell, but I wouldn’t be so quick to say it will go away.



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