Chad Greenway Needs To Stop Joking Around

By Andy Schmidt
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some very odd comments made in the National Football League before games in the past both good and bad, ranging all the way from guaranteed victories to saying next before every question. This week brought a new low in pregame comments when the Minnesota Vikings Chad Greenway told fans to “get super-duper drunk” before the team’s game against the Chicago Bears. There are ways to get your fans involved in being game- ready, but telling them to get drunk isn’t the way to go.

What kind of example does that show for the young fans of the NFL, telling them that they should get drunk before a game? Is the only way to be a fan of a NFL team now is going through a 12-pack before a game? No it isn’t. There are much better ways that Greenway could have gone about this. He could have told the fans that they needed to be super loud in the Metrodome to hamper the Bears’ offense. He could have just told them to be sure to fill the stadium, but the drunk comment is way over the line.

Greenway needs to set a better example for younger fans and all fans alike, and while he has said he was joking about his comments, that still doesn’t make it right. In this age of everything making its way online through Twitter or Facebook, you had to choose your words very carefully. Hopefully Greenway has now learned that lesson and won’t be using tongue-in-cheek lines like that again.

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