Dallas Cowboys NT Josh Brent Makes Fatal Decision

By Harry Dole


Dallas Cowboys NT Josh Brent will have a very long time to ponder the tragic consequences of his poor judgment.  Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY SPORTS


Exactly one week to the day, tragic circumstances once again strike at the heart of the NFL.  This time it is deep in the heart of Texas.

Dallas Cowboys NT Josh Brent was driving intoxicated in Irving, TX when he flipped his vehicle, killing teammate LB Jerry Brown, Jr.  After the accident, Brent was arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter for the fatal one car occurrence.  Brown was 25 years of age and Brent is 24.

The Mercedes vehicle which was being driven by Brent in a 45 mile per hour zone struck a curb and flipped over.  Irving police spokesman John Argumaniz stated that investigators believe the vehicle was traveling in excess of 45 mph at the time of the incident.  Brown was in the front passenger seat and had been pulled by Brent from the vehicle after the accident.

It is the Cowboys turn to mourn and initiate a healing process, as the Kansas City Chiefs were in those same shoes last week after the Javon Belcher murder/suicide atrocity.  The Cowboys travel to Cincinnati to play the Bengals on Sunday.

With all the money these players are making, why do they refuse to utilize taxicabs and car services when they plan on going out and partying?  Don’t they have enough sober time on their hands to drive and enjoy their vehicles?  Why even take such a moronic life altering risk when fifty to a hundred bucks pretty much guarantees you get home safely to enjoy another day?

As a result of Brent’s poor judgment, his life is completely destroyed and the life of his friend is terminated.  Was this really worth it when a c-note could have pretty much insured you and Brown could live to enjoy many more days together?

The responsibility of consuming alcohol goes hand in hand with the responsibility of getting home in one piece.  There is no better time than the holidays, when people are out and partying, to drill this into people’s heads.  Fate does not really care about how invincible you may think you are.

After his shameless exploitative gun control routine of the Belcher affair during halftime of last Sunday night’s game, will NBC’s Bob Costas once again preach to us by advocating the banning of booze and automobiles?  Because without those two, Brown would be alive today and Brent’s life would not be destroyed.

All tragically stupid decisions in life initiate from within the human mind.  Using inanimate objects as scapegoats for poor judgment does nothing to help solve the problems of destructive human behavior.  Assuming, of course, that destructive behavior is not part of human nature.

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