Is The End Near for Lovie Smith?

By Dominique Blanton
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With four games remaining in the season, the Chicago Bears need at the very least to win three out of those four games to make the post season. The Bears have lost three of their last four games, with one of the biggest ones being the overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks last week. The Bears are close to reaching the post-season, but they are also close to downward spiraling, especially if they lose to the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow afternoon.

The Bears’ remaining games are the Vikings at the metrodome which is always a tough place to play at; at home against the Green Bay Packers who they haven’t beaten since 2010, the Arizona Cardinals at their place who have a very tough defense, and at Detroit against the Detroit Lions who will love to spoil the Bears playoff hopes.

The sense among media and Bears fans is that if the Bears meltdown and don’t reach the post season, head coach Lovie Smith could be fired. Smith was hired in 2004 by former General Manager Jerry Angelo. Although Smith boasts an 81-63-0 record, of those nine seasons, Smith has reached the playoffs only three times. New G.M. Phil Emery has the power to fire Smith after this season if he’s dissatisfied with the results after this season.

There’s no guaranteed if there are coaching changes that most of these players will still have secured roster spots, depending on what new system is being implemented. For example, a new coach might want to go in a different direction with the Quarterback position and the young talent on defense.

Nevertheless, Smith is a good football coach and the Bears have enough talent on the roster to save his job along with theirs. A strong showing in these final four games and in the post-season is what Smith needs to save his job.

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