Oakland Raiders shoot down Jon Gruden rumors in harsh e-mail

By Jeremy Hayes
Kim Klement-US Presswire


Rumors have been circulating about the Oakland Raiders searching for a deal to get Jon Gruden back as head coach. Recent developments today completely destroyed those rumors.

According to Mercurynews.com, Raiders director of media relations Zak Gilbert wrote an e-mail out to the media stating:

“There are two people on this planet that have the ability to make talks happen between Jon Gruden and the Raiders, with regard to him allegedly taking over the football operations, and/or the position of head coach. Each of those individuals, owner Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie, wanted me to communicate that this rumor has no validity whatsoever. And for the record, I’m personally disgusted that Hub Arkush would spread such an untruth on the day our head coach, Dennis Allen, had to determine with his mom, his brother and sister, whether to take his dad off life support or wait and hope that he would regain consciousness. Dennis didn’t have an opportunity to say goodbye to his dad, but he did have an opportunity to take a phone call regarding Hub’s story.”

This is a tough time for the Raider’s organization, so emotions are expected to rise at such a bold rumor of a man who just lost his father also may potentially lose his job. There are certain times where rumors are okay, but when a man just lost his father, there is no reason to start a rumor just so it can become news worthy.

Any coaching changes can be expected when the Raiders decide to announce it, not when a reporter makes it up.


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