Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moment From NFL Week 13

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Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments From Week 13 In The NFL

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During the NFL season there are tons of plays that are run. Some are run to perfection, like a nice play action fake pass for a touchdown. Others are messed up right from the beginning, think Von Miller coming off the edge when the tackle forgets to block him. So not all plays are born, or called, equal and each one can have any number of different outcomes and in week 13, there a few plays that stood out for a different reason, they were embarrassing.

So I give to you the 5 Most Embarrassing Moments from week 13 in the NFL. It could be a play from one player or maybe from even a group of players but if you’ve made this list, you have embarrassed yourself or your team. Either way, it isn’t good. To make this list you may have thrown an awful interception, dropped a pass or maybe even dropped your pants when being tackled. Think of the sound effects from NFL films bloopers and that’s where this list is headed.

This list is not to be enjoyed by the players themselves, but to be used for our enjoyment, unless it cost your favorite team a win. If that turns out to be the case then this is just pouring salt in the wounds. So here it is, the list of the 5 Most Embarrassing Moments in the NFL from week 13, may the players on the list this week, not make it again next week, enjoy.

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5. Colin Kaepernick's Safety & Bad Option

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Number 5 is a combination from Colin Kaepernick. First he took and awful safety by running backwards by about 20 yards and then taking a grounding penalty for a safety. Then late in the 4th quarter, his option play to Ted Ginn may have been the worst play call from Sunday. The blame shouldn’t be all on him for the play but its result was embarrassing.

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4. Earl Bennett Drops Touchdown

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Earl Bennett makes the list at number 4 because he dropped sure touchdown pass. He was streaking down the sideline uncovered and Jay Cutler put it right in his hands on stride but Bennett just dropped it. To make matters worse, he fell to the ground and came up with a helmet full of grass and dirt. Bennett cost the Bears points and they went on to lose in overtime.

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3. Emmanuel Sanders Fumbles Without Being Touched

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Emmanuel Sanders comes in at number 3 and it’s because he may have fumbled away a touchdown. Sanders caught the ball around the midfield and he was about to break free for a long touchdown when he flat out dropping the ball while running. No one touched him or caused the fumble, he just dropped it. Luckily for Sanders, the Steelers still won the game.

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2. Bucs Defense Allows Defensive Lineman To Score & Crazy Completion

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Number 2 on the list is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense. Not only did they allow a touchdown to a defensive lineman, but they also allowed a pass to guy lying on the ground. Peyton Manning was being chased when he threw to Knowshon Moreno who was lying on the ground. The pass was complete and to make matters worse, Bucs coach Greg Schiano tapped Manning on the helmet for a great play. That’s embarrassing.

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1. Kyle Rudolph's Failed Lambeau Leap

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The most embarrassing play of week 13 came from Kyle Rudolph of the Minnesota Vikings. After scoring a touchdown, Rudolph went over to a section of Vikings fans in Lambeau Field and attempted to do the Lambeau Leap. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. He sat in the standings for about a second before he hopped down. Nice play on the touchdown Kyle, the celebration needs some work. He takes the number 1 spot on the Most Embarrassing plays list for 13 in the NFL.