Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin IIII's Grandmother’s Nickname is RG3-G

By Dave Daniels
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Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

Wouldn’t you know it? Robert Griffin III’s grandmother has almost as cool of a nickname as her kin. WTVR, the CBS affiliate in Richmond, caught up with Robert Griffin III’s grandmother, who has lived in Richmond since 1999.

Juley Allen, whose own nickname is RG3-G, spoke to the station about the joy she has when she watches her grandson play football.

“It’s just so wonderful, so beautiful to see, to live to see my grandson run like that and be so brave,” Allen said.

She claims that her son was always due for big things. “He’s always said he was going to be something!” Juley Allen exclaimed, while showing a picture of Griffin with George Bush.

Allen was also quite excited when Griffin was drafted second overall by the Washington Redskins, because he would be fairly close to her home.

She used to be a New Orleans Saints fan, but RG3-G switched allegiances when Griffin was drafted by the Redskins. She apparently spends her Sundays now running with her grandson. Not physically of course, but in her spirits.

“Every time he’s running, I’m running. When he’s pulling his shirt, I’m pulling his shirt,” she laughed. “I was very proud. Very proud of him.”

She also made a bold prediction during the preseason. She predicted her grandson would get the Redskins to the Super Bowl in his first NFL season. That prediction might have seemed particularly crazy about 4 weeks ago, but if the Redskins can add more to their 3 game winning streak, then maybe RG3-G is as capable of the spectacular as her grandson.

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