Dallas Cowboys Fight For Jerry Brown

By Ben Grimaldi
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys got an important win against the Cincinnati Bengals today. Important because of the way they fought, important because of the way they never gave up and most of all, important because they won for deceased teammate Jerry Brown.

The death of Brown was the rallying cry for the Cowboys but if truth be told, what happened today was a theme that’s been going on for the entire year; the Dallas Cowboys never give up. The 2012 Cowboys fight, no matter the score, time or place.

They were down in the second half on the road against the Baltimore Ravens and they fought back but fell short.

They were down big to the New York Giants at home and they fought back only to lose by the tips of Dez Bryant’s finger.

They were down to the Philadelphia Eagles on the road but they stormed The Link late in the third quarter and early in the fourth to win a big road game.

They overcame a injuries and a shaky offensive line against the Cleveland Browns to get a win.

They battled like H-E-double hockey sticks on Thanksgiving when they were down 25 points and all seemed lost.

The Cowboys beat the Eagles when they were down late in the game last week but found a way to win in the fourth quarter.

Then there was today; the Dallas Cowboys got tragic news yesterday when they found out Josh Brent had gotten behind the wheel after drinking, crashed and the impact killed teammate Jerry Brown. They fall behind 19-10 in the fourth quarter and because of all the injuries on defense, they somehow band-aide together a group that shuts out the Bengals in the fourth quarter and allows Tony Romo to engineer a comeback win.

No, the Bengals didn’t play the best football they’ve played during the past few weeks and the Cowboys got a few breaks along the way but good teams find a way to win games when they get the breaks. That’s exactly what the Cowboys did.

I know at certain times during this season I’ve said this Dallas team was the same old, same old Cowboys. Actually, that isn’t true at all. Cowboys teams of the past probably would have folded in many of these situations but not this group. Not the group coached by Jason Garrett.

Many fans have had problems with the way Garrett has called the game and prepared the team but you know what, his team hasn’t quit on him. Not once this year have we seen the Dallas Cowboys given up. The mental and physical toughness Jason Garrett’s team has shown should be applauded.

NFL football players get paid to play hard. They also get paid no matter what the score is during the games so it means something when they don’t quit. The 2012 Cowboys have been given plenty of chances to give up on the season; at 3-5, at 5-6, after the tragic events from Saturday and after three quarters today, but they haven’t.

Be proud of the effort and the heart the Cowboys play with. This isn’t the same team we’re used and because of that, the Dallas Cowboys are right in the middle of the playoff picture.

Forget what we didn’t like about what we saw today, embrace what we liked. This Cowboys team fights like heck and we should be proud of what they’ve done this year and it’ll serve them well in the future.

The Cowboys are 7-6 and in the playoff hunt, be happy with what you’ve seen from them. They’re giving us everything they’ve got and what more can you ask for?

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