Tennessee Titans Quarterback Jake Locker Almost played for the Los Angeles Angels

By Stephanie Umek
Jake Locker against Houston Texans
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Though Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker always knew if the opportunity to play football was there he would take it. But before he was drafted in the NFL draft, he was drafted in the Major League Baseball draft by the Los Angles Angels.

He was drafted in 2010 and he would have been a centerfielder. Ironic considering now that they Angels have a Rookie of the Year, Mike Trout.

Locker made the comment to Titans insider Mike Keith that he knew football was his first love and if there was the option to continue to play he would take it.

“To me there’s just a different feeling I get when I play the game of football” stated Locker. That meant turning down money to play in the MLB. The Angles even paid him to hold his rights the second time they offered a spot to him.

Coming from a person who has been writing about the Titans for close to a year now for Rant Sports I find this very intriguing. Many athletes play more than one sport. As a fan  you find out after they start to play that a baseball player played football and a football player played baseball.

The ability to play multiple sports, to be considered by more than one draft is a compliment to many athletes.

There is an interview on the Titans’ official website with Locker and Keith. At the conclusion of the interview Keith mentions to Locker, “We’re glad you didn’t go to baseball”.

I don’t know if I agree with that or not. I like football, but man do I love my baseball. Granted I have never see Locker throw a baseball-ever. But I have seen him throw a football. I will agree that football takes more physical abuse more frequently, but baseball requires much better hand-eye coordination.

I’m glad he stuck with football too.

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