Tennessee Titans will finish season with a Losing Record

By Stephanie Umek
Jake Locker with official
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

They sure have made it hard on themselves this season, even with one of the toughest schedules in the league. But the Tennessee Titans just can’t get a win. For some strange reason things are just not working out for them. Sloppy playing in games happens to everyone but the timing for this team is horrible.

There are still three weeks left in the 2012 season, but with their loss to the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday the possibility to end the season at .500 is no longer possible. After the loss to the division rival the Titans fell to 4-9.

I don’t even know where to start with this team, and really I don’t know if I should. I realize as fans and journalists we are not out on the field so unknowing of the situation we have to tread lightly. But at the same time, when you see some plays or pick offs happening-as a fan-you think to yourself ‘Really how could you let that happen’. Well the truth is that it happens. Mistakes happen to real people. Professional athletes are real people.

I just think they happen too much for the Titans. The Colts are not an easy team to beat, but they are beatable and the Titans needed the win to keep an even record in their minds. Now that idea is shot.

The part that I really don’t understand is giving up a 20-7 lead. You’re playing very well-what happened? Interceptions, that’s what happened. And I’m not blaming everything on Jake Locker. It is a team sport. But you have to get open and have communication. It’s that simple.

One pick even got run back for a touchdown in the second half. Head coach Mike Munchak touched on that situation during a post-game press conference. “That’s a bad decision by Jake and it’s a bad decision by us to have even put him in that situation so we should have avoided that situation totally as we know that’s my fault.”

They still have to meet with the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers. But at this point there is no way to retrieve a winning record for the 2012 season. Which is a complete turnaround from last year’s 9-7 season.

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