The Arizona Cardinals Have Reached a New Low

By Kase Brammer
Arizona cardinals
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals surprised fans this week with a 58 to zero loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Before Sunday, the Cardinals had lost eight straight games. There was always a shred of hope the Cardinals’ defense would win a game. On Sunday, fans lost that shred.

Of course some fans are always hoping for a win but prepared to lose. Fans may have been prepared to lose, but what happened on that field on Sunday was an unexpected embarrassment. The Cardinals walked off the field knowing they could not compete with the playoff bound Seattle team.  The offense managed just 154 total yards and the team had 8 turnovers. Nothing went right. The Seahawks replaced players, but never really let up off the gas throwing into the end zone well into the fourth quarter.

It’s possible the Seahawks ran the score up a little bit, but that should not be the story in this game. They Cardinals just did not put up much of a fight and that cannot be blamed on Seattle. The game was a story based on how far these teams have come since the first week of the season. The Seahawks lost to the Cardinals in week one, but the Seahawks have gotten better every game. It seems the Cardinals have gotten worse.

It’s been ten long weeks for Cardinals’ fans and the pain is only going to get worse. Next week, the Cardinals will face the Detroit Lions and that will be their only real shot at winning a game for the rest of the season. The organization as a whole took a step back on Sunday and they are lower than they have been in a long time. Maybe even the lowest.

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