Brandon Jacobs Deserved To Be Suspended By San Francisco 49ers

By Riley Schmitt
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jacobs just learned a very important lesson. Do not go public with grievances against your employer while they are still writing you checks. It appears that the San Francisco 49ers have parted ways with the running back after he blasted the team about his lack of playing time.

This is absolutely the right move.  If there was any chance of Jacobs becoming a locker room cancer, you had to let him go.  The team is having too much success to have a guy bash the team from the inside.  It is a smart move by the team but an absolute moronic one from Jacobs.

If there is one way to poison your rep across the league, taking shots at the team that employs you is one of them.  There will be some teams that show interest in the running back, but he did choose to go to SF.  He may have thought he was going to play more, but sometimes things fail to work out that way.  He could have chosen to stay quiet and work hard.  He could have done other things to help the team prepare better, but no.

I guess Jacobs isn’t in it for a ring anymore.  He only wants to play.  I understand that mentality but one man is not greater than the team.  He learned that on Monday.

UPDATE:  The 49ers did the smart thing and simply suspended him the rest of the season.  No need to worry about him coming back to haunt you now.

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