Chicago Bears: It's Time For Lovie Smith To Be Fired

By Evan Crum
Kyle Terada-US Presswire

Is it time to for Lovie Smith to be fired? The game against the Minnesota Vikings was a game that the Chicago Bears should have and had to win. With the Bears losing, it opens the door to a lot of teams to get into the playoffs. Smith is partly to blame for the loss and for what has happened to the Bears.

Some examples of the decisions during Smiths tenure as head coach: Smith is the one who decided to make Devin Hester a number one receiver. Hester isn’t a receiver and he has now become a player that doesn’t know what he is doing. Smith turned one of the best return men in NFL history into an afterthought. Hester still doesn’t look like he knows what he is doing when he returns punts.

Smith also hurt the team with a terrible trade. Last year, when Mike Martz was the offensive coordinator he wanted to trade Greg Olson. Instead of telling Martz “no” since Olson is a great tight end and has a connection with Cutler, Smith approves the trade. Well he brought it to Jerry Angelo to approve but as a head coach how do you approve a trade like that? Could you imagine what the Bears would look like if Olson was the tight end instead of Kellen Davis? Davis is the same tight end that Smith said was an “elite “tight end in the NFL. Yea that’s funny.

Smith is the one who approves the hiring of coaches. He has gone through so many offensive coordinators since he has been the coach of the Bears. It is truly incredible how many coordinators he has gone through – I think it is about time for Smith to take a look at who he is hiring.

One of the most glaring mistakes of the game against the Vikings was Smith not giving the ball to Matt Forte on third and one. Why? If it wasn’t Smith who decided that play then people really have to question Mike Tice.

Smith was asked why they didn’t run hurry up offense with 4 minutes left.  The Bears were down two touchdowns and Jason Campbell was in for Cutler. The answer that Smith provided was shocking to say the least.

His answer was they felt they were in position to win the game. Win the game? They were down by two touchdowns. How is it possible that the Bears were in position to win the game? Oh that’s right, if the Bears score one touchdown, then get an onside kick, then score again –  they would’ve been in position to win the game. Sorry, that doesn’t even work in Madden – It is insulting to fans to even say that.

Look, I have never been one to call for Smith to be fired in the past; now, I think it is time. The only problem with Smith getting fired is this – Who do the Bears sign? That’s a question for another time. Right now, the Bears aren’t and will not be in a position to be in the Super Bowl. It’s time for Phil Emery to make a choice.

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