Dez Bryant Injury Could Ruin Dallas Cowboys' Playoff Hopes

By Riley Schmitt
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

As strange as it may sound, the Dallas Cowboys have put themselves into position to make the playoffs these final three weeks. However, the team was dealt a serious blow when news broke that Dez Bryant may miss the rest of the season with an injured finger.

This has not been confirmed by multiple sources, but if it is, you can kiss the playoff hopes goodbye.  The Cowboys need a guy like Bryant to make plays on offense and without him, the talent level falls off.  Believe it or not, Bryant has seemed to have figured out how to play these last few weeks.  His play has picked up and he’s been a big part of the recent success.

Without Bryant, the Cowboys then have to hope the get great performances from some unheralded guys.  Miles Austin is always a threat to be injured.  Cole Beasley is not exactly going to strike fear into the defense.  Jason Witten will still do Jason Witten things, but that simply will not be enough.

This is actually pretty sad to see, as Bryant looks like he has started to grow up.  An injury to him during his best stretch as a pro is just unfair.  Then again, sports are not fair.

Cowboys fans should be praying that Bryant is only out for a game or two.  Even that might be too much for this team to overcome.

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