Head Coach Jason Garrett Gives Dallas Cowboys Players An In-Flight Speech After Win

By Ben Grimaldi
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys got a big win on Sunday, especially after everything they went through in the days leading up to the game against the Cincinnati Bengals. There were tears from players, coaches and even owner Jerry Jones today as the Cowboys celebrated a win by holding up Jerry Brown’s jersey.

The emotions didn’t stop there though; according to multiple reports head coach Jason Garrett gave a surprise in-flight speech as the Cowboys were about to land back in Dallas.

‘This is Coach Garrett. Great job today. You should be really proud of getting the job done given the circumstances. You are to be commended. … tomorrow (Valley Ranch) will be open. But if you want to stay away, that’s great, too. We’re planning a memorial service (tentatively 1pm Tuesday) for Jerry. Again, congratulations. Enjoy your day tomorrow.’

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Garrett, this was a wonderful speech and his leadership is exactly what the Cowboys have needed in the past few days. He coached a great game today and stayed in control of the Cowboys while others did not. Garrett was able to take charge of the situation and be the emotional leader for his team.

The win over the Bengals was huge for the Dallas Cowboys; they succeeded in being mentally and physically tough enough at a time when it would’ve been easier to make excuses and fail. Jason Garrett deserves the credit for keeping this Cowboys team together.

The Cowboys won the game in honor of Jerry Brown, the hero of the game was Dan Bailey and the man who led it all was Jason Garrett.

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