Jared Cook out for the rest of Tennessee Titans’ season

By Stephanie Umek
Jared Cook against Colts
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

He has been one of the Tennessee Titans’ ‘go-to’ guys this year but today the tight end learned that he will miss the remaining three weeks due to a torn rotator cuff.

Jared Cook is by far one of the nicest athletes that I have met. I had the pleasure of meeting him in the beginning of November, the day before he hosted the Chicago Bears. The Titans hosted a first annual Football 101 for Breast Cancer. His mother is a survivor. After we watched the Titans practice that Saturday I met him, and he gave me a hard time about reporting on the Titans but being from Chicago.

Monday was also the day where he was awarded as the Titans Community Man of the Year. Cook was drafted by the Titans in 2009 and is in the last year of his contract. He did request a trade a few weeks back but since has gotten the ball much more frequently and been able to make plays. It will be interesting to see what or if the Titans offer him anything or if he will become a free agent.

As far as being done for the season Cook said he is very blessed to be doing what he loves. “The Titans did a big thing back in 2009 when they moved up and (drafted me), so I’m very grateful for that. With that being said, we’ll see how things go from here on out.”

Injuries to a person’s rotator cuff usually require surgery. Although it hasn’t been scheduled yet head coach Mike Munchak assumes that is the way it will have to go to get it to heal properly.

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