New York Jets Would Be Foolish To Bring Back Braylon Edwards

By Riley Schmitt
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Braylon Edwards is better known for his mouth than anything that he does on the football field. The Seattle Seahawks recently waived the wideout after he was extremely unproductive for the team. It sounds like the New York Jets have their eyes on him, but this would be extremely foolish for the team.

Yes, I do understand that the Jets need all the skill position help that they can get.  Ordinarily, I would definitely advocate for the team bringing him back.  However, Edwards recently blasted the organization to the public.  What team would want to bring back a guy who did that?  To me, that raises a lot of red flags about a player and an organization.

It really does not bother me that Edwards lashed out.  He has already kind of established himself as that type of guy.  A Braylon is Braylon moment, if you will.  However, the Jets would look so bad by bringing him back.  The guy goes out and rips you, but you are willing to bring him back into the fold?  Do you have any respect for your organization?

I guess winning cures all and if Edwards helps the team sneak into the playoffs, it would be forgiven.  I just would not want a guy who took a shot at my team lining up for us on Sunday.  Maybe I am different in that sense, but the Jets are a circus.

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