NFL Rumors: Michael Vick Could be Buffalo Bills QB Next Season

By Joe Doris
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Even before Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles recently emerged as a worthy NFL signal-caller, it was widely believed that QB Michael Vick would no longer be an Eagle next season.

Naturally, the first question that popped into NFL fans heads was, “where will Vick play next?”

This weekend Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that there is a very good chance that Vick could be sporting a Buffalo Bills jersey when the 2013 season kicks off.

This possibility is hardly a brand new revelation, being that when Vick returned to professional football in 2009 after a two-year jail sentence, the Bills were a very likely suitor. Although the Bills denied their original interest in the controversial QB, many NFL sources, along with Vick himself, stated that Buffalo was a potential landing spot upon his return.

So now that Vick will again be a free-agent pending his very likely release, why would anybody rule out the Bills?

While the Bills’ current starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is a solid player, he is by no means an all-star or a savior. His inconsistency and struggles against any sort of upper-echelon defensive unit proves that he is best suited as a career backup.

Of course Vick hasn’t been shipped out of town yet, but considering Eagles head coach Andy Reid announced just last week that Foles would remain the squad’s starting QB regardless of Vick’s eligibility, the odds are certainly leaning towards his departure.

In my eyes, the one thing that Vick needs to thrive on any team is a solid offensive line. For the majority of his career Vick has played behind a lackluster o-line, whether it be due to injury issues or just a flat-out lack of talent.

The key to Vick’s success is his personal protection. He is known for taking a beating play after play, game after game, and in effect is a regular on the weekly injury report.

So if Vick does land in Buffalo next season and they equip him with a satisfactory pass-protection unit, I strongly believe the QB could get back to his Pro Bowl level of play.


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