Report: Dallas Cowboys' Josh Brent Didn't Help Jerry Brown Right Away

By Ben Grimaldi
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports


Just when we think we’ve heard everything about the fatal crash that left Jerry Brown of the Dallas Cowboys dead and his friend Josh Brent accused of intoxication manslaughter, along comes a new development. According to Stacee McWilliams, a woman who arrived at the scene of the accident, Brent did not immediately help Brown until she pleaded with him to help. reporters Melissa Repko and Selwyn Crawford have reported that McWilliams begged Brent to help, “Jerry was alive. He was hurt. He was calling out and his own friend walked away.”

McWilliams went onto say, “He didn’t say come on, hang in there, hold his hand,” she said. “That’s what upsets me the most at this point. He abandoned him.”

Not surprisingly, Brent’s attorney George Milner tells a different story. “That is absolutely false,” Milner said. “What I’ve been told is that Jerry Brown was never conscious after the accident. … she better be careful with this one.”

The situation is bad enough on its own but to now have conflicting stories about what happened doesn’t help anyone. As I mentioned last week in the events that occurred in the Jovan Belcher incident, no matter what anyone says or does, nothing can bring Brown back.

It’s a sad story and anything said before the police report comes out is just that, a story. No one should make a judgement without knowing  results of the police investigation.

When the report is issued I’m sure there will be plenty of of opinions but until that time everything we read is just a rumor.

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