Oakland Raiders cut Ron Bartell

By Jeremy Hayes


The Oakland Raiders continue to lose and continue to make interesting decisions for the team’s future. Most recently, cutting starting corner back Ron Bartell.

Bartell was inactive for most of the season, so corner back Pat Lee started the first half of the season. When Bartell was activated, the Raiders cut Lee to have Bartell on the 53-roster.

Now in Week 15, Bartell has been the second major defensive back this season they have cut. This one is obviously for his under-performing in the past few games, not to mention the Raiders’ salary situation has a lot to do with this move late in the season.

Bartell finished his season with 18 tackles and no interceptions. Bartell has played in the past five games, and the Raiders defense has given up more than 30 points in three games. Not saying that Bartell is the cause of the defense playing terribly, but he is not contributing in anyway, plus his contract is not worth it when you are (3-10).

This was a move that surprisingly shocked the locker room. Defensive back Michael Huff was one of those player who was shocked by the move.

“I came in this morning and heard everybody talking about it,” Huff said. “I didn’t believe it at first, but got in here and didn’t see him in here. Definitely, definitely tough, but obviously part of the business.”

The Raiders have three games left on the schedule, and this release looks like they have officially checked-out.

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