Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Definitely Not Ruled Out For Cleveland Browns Game

By Dave Daniels

Washington Redskins fans held their breath as Robert Griffin III was hit hard in the fourth quarter of the Redskins’ comeback victory over the Baltimore Ravens. His leg bent back awkwardly and he hobbled a little bit off the field. He came back in after sitting for one play and completed 2 out of 4 passes for 36 yards before having to come off the field again. Kirk Cousins then got the ball into the end-zone to pull within 2 points and then a quarterback draw evened up the game. Kai Forbath ended up kicking the game-winning field in overtime to make the final score 31-28.

It was welcome news Monday morning when Mike Shanahan announced that Griffin would not be ruled out for next Sunday’s game, plus he will be re-evaluated on Wednesday.

“We did not know going into the (MRI) if was a Grade 1, 2, or 3,” Shanahan said. “So it’s a Grade 1, you’re hopeful with rehab it gets better very quickly, but we don’t know for sure. We’ll have to go day by day and evaluate it day by day.”

Griffin will be getting treatment all week and if he is on the field next Sunday, he will probably be wearing a knee brace at the game.

Shanahan also said that he would not put Griffin out on field if it was not in Griffin’s best interests physically.

This will be an interesting decision for the Redskins. The part of me that wants to see Griffin on the field for years to come wants Shanahan to hold him out next week. The typical full recovery time for a Grade 1 LCL sprain is about 2-4 weeks. I’m worried, though, that Shanahan will want the playoffs too badly to hold Griffin out if he says he’s ready to go. Of course Griffin WILL say that he is ready to go, because he is an ultimate competitor, but will it actually be in his best interests? We’ll see.

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