The Dilemma of Being an Oakland Raiders Fan

By Josh Walfish

At this point in the season being an Oakland Raiders fan is a difficult proposition. You want them to win these last three games and finish the season strong, but at the same time you want them to lose so they get a better draft pick. This dilemma is facing a lot of fans this time of year, especially the teams that are not having the best season.

That leads us to the Week 15 game between the Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland. Divisional match-ups are heated rivalries, but these two teams are not battling for the division crown, rather the division floor. Kansas City is 2-11 this season, a game ahead of 3-10 Oakland for the top pick in April’s NFL Draft. The loser of this weekend’s match-up will be in a better position than the winner, so if you’re a Raiders fan, do you want them to win or lose?

Beating Kansas City would help to prove Oakland is not the worst thing in the division, but it would cost the Raiders a high draft pick. Losing to the Chiefs would help the Raiders position themselves for April, but it would mean losing to a hated division rival. It is this dilemma which can split a fan base and the last thing the Raiders need is a split fan base. Oakland has some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the NFL and they would never admit to wanting their team to lose. However, it may be in the Raiders’ best interest to lose to the Chiefs on Sunday.

The benefits of winning are just not as good as the benefits that come with losing. Oakland needs a lot of personnel help and getting a high draft pick would allow the Raiders to get the best talent and try to make the rebuilding process faster. If the Raiders do win on Sunday, they could drop out of the top-5 of the draft and that would only slow down the rebuilding process.

So to the members of the Black Hole, who will be in attendance on Sunday, cheer hard for the Raiders, but don’t be disappointed if they lose to the Chiefs.

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