2013 NFL Draft: Current First Round Order Week 14

By Curt Popejoy
James Lang- USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 is in the books and the new draft order mostly set for the week, I thought I would share it with you as I put final touches on my updated 2 round mock draft set to go out tomorrow. This draft order is based on record and opponents strength of schedule. Fortunately it worked out pretty clean except for the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers who happen to have identical records and opponents strength of schedule. So I went simply off of alphabetical order and gave Baltimore the higher pick.

This order also includes the trade that the St. Louis Rams made last year that they made with the Washington Redskins so the Redskins could move up to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Kansas City Chiefs continue to hold onto the top spot based on strength of schedule but obviously them, along with the Jacksonville Jaguars are all in contention for that top overall spot.

Also, the last 2 picks, which will be reserved for the Super Bowl Champion and runner-up will ultimately be based on who gets there rather than simply record, but for this, record is all we have to go on for it, as well as how the playoffs would seed out and end. But don’t forget with only 3 weeks left in the regular season there is a ton of variables that will change this draft, particularly from about the 4th pick to the 20th. It’s always an interested dynamic in the final weeks of the season to see a team with a game that in the grand scheme has no value whatsoever and ultimately can cost them a player that could turn around their franchise because it knocks them down too far in the round.


Don’t forget to check back for my latest mock draft, along with full 7 round team specific drafts for all 32 teams. That along with comprehensive positional rankings and scouting reports on all the top prospects. Follow me on Twitter @nfldraftboard for even more football ramblings.

1    Kansas City
2    Jacksonville
3    Oakland
4    Philadelphia
5     Carolina
6     Tennessee
7    Arizona
8    Detroit
9    San Diego
10    Buffalo
11    Miami
12    Cleveland
13    New Orleans
14    Tampa Bay
15    NY Jets
16    St. Louis
17    Cincinnati
18    St. Louis (from Washington)
19    Dallas
20    Minnesota
21     Pittsburgh
22    Chicago
23    Seattle
24    NY Giants
25    Indianapolis
26    Baltimore
27    Green Bay
28    San Francisco
29     Denver
30    New England
31    Atlanta
32    Houston


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