Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers Deserves To Be NFL MVP

By AJEnno
Benny Sleu-US Presswire

Last season the Green Bay Packers lit the league on fire with a potent offense. QB Aaron Rodgers took the league by storm, leading to his first MVP award. This season has been more difficult for the Packers, but I believe the title of NFL MVP should remain with Rodgers. Although the Packers are 9-4 and atop the NFC North, they have been ravaged by injuries on both sides of the ball.

Thus far, the media heads have the MVP race set up: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Jay Cutler . However, Rodgers has been left off of many of their lists, which is puzzling when you look at what Rodgers has done this season.

The Packers have been bitten by the injury bug much like their 2010 Super Bowl season. This has caused a lot of shuffling with the running backs and wide receivers. The team hasn’t played with their week 1 starting lineup since week 4 against the New Orleans Saints. How has Rodgers responded? Like an MVP, throwing for 29 touchdowns, 3297 yards and a QB rating of 103.7. He’s had countless games where he’s made 2nd and 3rd string players look like All-Pro receivers.

The weakest spot on the offense has been the group responsible for keeping Rodgers upright, the offensive line. The porous offensive line has led to Rodgers being sacked a league high 41 times through 13 weeks. In a spot where some quarterbacks would throw a tantrum and complain, Rodgers gets up, dusts himself off and goes back to work. The MVP is also a leader.

Earlier this season, Rodgers’ leadership was questioned by the media. Instead of dwelling on it he let his play do the talking. He put the Packers offensive woes on his shoulders, taking the blame for everything. Rodgers is never going to make excuses or place blame on anyone but himself. He takes blame and gives credit to his teammates whenever he has the chance, Which is a trait of a true leader. Where would the Packers be without Rodgers?

I, for one, don’t want to know the answer to the aforementioned question. I believe it’s safe to say this team would falter without Rodgers, and it’s tough seeing them winning more than 3 of their games this year with Graham Harrell as quarterback.

Rodgers should be the lead candidate to win the MVP. The rest of the season will show Rodgers deserves the award, but will he get the consideration?

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