Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck Best QB in NFL When Game is on the Line

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The debate on who should win the NFL rookie of the year is a heated battle between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Last week I gave many reasons to why Luck should win. After bringing his team back from being down 13 at the half to a ninth victory, it’s time to make the case to why Luck should win the MVP of the entire league.

The Indianapolis Colts were 1-7 last season in games decided by one possession. This season, they’re now 8-1 including the 27-23 victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in Lucas Oil Stadium. Luck once again led the Colts down the field near the end of the game and set an NFL rookie record with his sixth game winning drive. His competition RGIII has yet to lead his team to a game winning drive. To me that’s what success is defined by in what you do in tense situations.

Luck broke the Colts’ rookie passing record on Sunday when he threw for 199 yards and passed the great Peyton Manning. He’s just over 200 yards away from breaking the NFL record set by Cam Newton last year. Mix that with just about every other rookie record and that’s a strong case for rookie of the year.

But, the MVP should be in the mind of everyone as well. The MVP is most valuable player to his team. Isn’t that what Luck is? You can make a case for Manning, but the Denver Broncos were not only a playoff team last year, but even won a game. This Colts team was a two win team last year. They had one win in close games. One guy coming to town turned that one win to one loss.

Also, Luck leads the entire AFC in rushing yards by quarterback. That’s very strong to be leading a category of an entire conference. All of that with a playoff spot and leading his team to a possible Super Bowl is enough to anoint the kid MVP, but what he does late in games is why he should win it.

When it comes down to the last two minutes of a game, Luck has the most yards and among the top five in completion percentage. This category is usually reserved for greats like Peyton and Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. Rookies shouldn’t even be anywhere near the top half of the league in this category. But, Luck is on the top. He’s thrown for 706 yards after the final two-minute warning and single handily led this team to nine wins due to that.

Wake me when RGIII has the ability to do that. Also while you’re at it go ahead and wake me if the Washington Redskins make the playoffs this year. By definition of the term MVP, Luck should be at the top of the list by a longshot.

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