Jeff Fisher, Sam Bradford Unapologetic for St. Louis Rams 3-Game Winning Streak

By Anthony Blake
Sam Bradford, Jeff Fisher - St. Louis Rams
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It hasn’t always been pretty, but the St. Louis Rams are currently riding a three-game winning streak. Just the fact that those words can be uttered in the same sentence is remarkable given the club’s record of futility over the past half-decade. The games may be nail-biters, but the Rams aren’t concerned about how it looks. They are far more interested in putting up wins and that is due in large part to the attitude of their head coach.

Jeff Fisher is one of those coaches that doesn’t really strive for perfection. Sure, on the overall record, perfection is still attainable if the team wins all of its games, but the perfect win doesn’t exist to him. When discussing the Rams win in week 14 over the Buffalo Bills, Fisher said: “To win a game like this in a hard place to play, against a team like that, we had to play that well. We had to play good in all three phases or good enough in three. Good in special teams and good on defense.”

The obvious omission from Fisher’s statement was regarding the Rams’ offense which was once again stagnant to put it kindly. They are currently ranked 29th in the NFL in total offense which normally doesn’t equate to many wins, but the Rams have been a situational team. Quarterback Sam Bradford has been painful to watch in stretches, but when it counts the most, he has stepped up and driven his team down the field to get victories.

On that subject, Bradford offered these thoughts saying: “Anytime you can go out and win a game in the final minutes, it can give you confidence. It’s not the first time we’ve done that this year, we’ve done it a couple of times, but to do it on the road, and in those conditions, it says a lot about our offense.”

Fisher had his own thoughts about the offense saying: “At the end of the day a win’s a win. We’re not equipped like New England to put 40 up on everybody. Hopefully we’ll get to that point, but right now we’re finding ways to win.” Comparing the Rams to the New England Patriots on offense is probably like comparing heaven and hell, night and day, or any other two polar opposites, but hey, winning is the ultimate goal when the final whistle blows and right now, the Rams are doing that pretty well.

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