New Orleans Saints Playing For Pride Now After New York Giants Dominate Them

By Alejandro Aviles
New Orleans Saints vs New York Giants
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints will be playing for pride the rest of the season after they got dominated by the New York Giants this past Sunday. The Giants beat the Saints 52-27 and shattered any minimal hopes for a playoff run for the Saints. The Giants’ victory was redemption for the team as the Saints destroyed the Giants last season in a similar fashion on Sunday night. The shoe was on the other foot and interim head coach, Joe Vitt, said the team is, “treading into unfamiliar territory.”

Vitt and the Saints know that the playoffs are out of reach for this season and it will be the first time the Saints missed the postseason since the 2008 season. However, the next season the Saints went on to win the Super Bowl. The fact of the matter is that the Saints will not make the playoffs this season and will have to rebuild their roster in the off-season. The Saints face a divisional rival next in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and would like to end the season on a high note. The Saints beat the Buccaneers earlier in the year with a thrilling 35-28 victory in Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers are currently on their own three-game losing streak and will likely miss the playoffs as well. Both teams will be playing for bragging rights and it could still be a very good game as the Saints and Buccaneers are division rivals. The Saints need to win this game and their remaining games so they have some momentum going into the off-season. Morale should be up for the Saints as the player suspensions in the bounty case were overturned today.

The Saints will play for pride the rest of the way and could also play spoiler against the Dallas Cowboys. It has been a tough season for the Saints but now they need to put all of the controversy in the past and focus on the future. Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports @aaviles312

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