New York Jets Continue To Be The Biggest Circus In The NFL

By Riley Schmitt
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine getting on Facebook or Twitter and calling your former employer a bunch of idiots. You probably wouldn’t expect to be offered a job by them again, would you? Too bad you are not Braylon Edwards. The idiots who run the New York Jets decided that self-respect and pride are less important than headlines.

I warned against this yesterday, but it appears that winning has once again been the only thing that matters to the team. It does not matter that it sets a horrible example going forward for the team. It shows they are willing to bend to players if they can give them a shot at winning.

Then again, this is nothing new. This is a team that brought in Tim Tebow and really had no intentions of ever using him. They loved the attention that it brought, even if it probably caused some of the early season issues that the team faced. When the lights are on, the front office gets attention. However, it is the players and coaches who have to deal with the scrutiny.

If the Jets make the playoffs, I bet everything will be just fine between them and the fans. However, if you fail to make the jump after bringing in a guy who called you out, the front office needs to look in the mirror. They would be ashamed of what they see.

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