NFL Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks Break the Top 10 in Week 15

By Jake Coburn


Seattle Seahawks - Bobby Wagner
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks broke the top 10 in the NFL Power Rankings for week 15 after a blowout victory over the divisional rival Arizona Cardinals.

This marks the third time the Seahawks have been in the top 10 over this season. They jumped up two spots from last week after giving Arizona their ninth loss in a row with Seattle seeing results from every part of the team.

The Seahawks look to be playing at a high level especially at home which could land them with the top seed in the NFC West with two of their next three games in Seattle, including one against the division favorite San Francisco 49ers. As far as the power rankings, a win next week against the Buffalo Bills and a win against the Niners could move them very high up.

In order for that to happen the Seahawks will actually have to perform and execute on the field which they have been successful at most of the time during the second half of the season. Seattle has shown up inconstant and suffered a number of  losses that they should have won such as the game against the Miami Dolphins. If the Seahawks want to take control of the NFC West and make a run in the playoffs they will have to show up with everyone playing at a top level. Seattle cannot afford to make a mistake or they could not only lose the NFC West but could miss the playoffs entirely.

Ranked in the top 10 this week, look for the Seahawks to continue to move up in the rankings if they can pull of a road win next week against the Bills.

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