NFL Power Rankings: The Arizona Cardinals Should be Bottom Three

By Kase Brammer
Arizona Cardinals William Gay
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to face the facts. The Arizona Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Their latest disastrous performance was one for the record books. The ESPN NFL Power Rankings currently has them at 28th in the league, but the Cardinals just cannot beat anybody, so I think they should be lower. Nine games in a row is hard to handle for any fan, but there comes a certain point when you just don’t think they are going to win a game for the rest of the season.

WR Larry Fitzgerald went on record saying the team will not “quit,” but that kinda hard to believe. After losing 58-zero to the Seattle Seahawks, there has to be a couple of players that do not believe in the team anymore. The Seahawks are a good team, but to think they were going to go out and blow out the Cardinals, like on Sunday, is hard to predict, almost impossible.

The defense almost let up 500 yards and the offense and special teams had eight turnovers. This was the single worst game played by a team all season. They should be embarrassed, but they also must move on. The Cardinals need to show fans that they will fight til the last game of the season, even if they lose. They did not fight on Sunday and looked like a team that wanted a top five draft pick.

The Cardinals could use a top five draft pick, but it won’t solve their problems for next season. They need to address their needs first and that is at the quarterback position.  Once that is done they can think about the rest of the their laundry list of problems. The Cardinals will not fire Ken Whisenhunt for the rest of the season. Maybe that’s a good thing, but the Cardinals need to change something.

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