The Sky Is Falling For The Chicago Bears

By alibud69
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

I am getting pretty tired of starting off articles talking about yet another Chicago Bears’ injury, but the past five weeks have been brutal on an already flimsy Bears’ roster.

Not that this is an excuse for some of the disgraceful ways the Bears have conspired to lose over the past five weeks. The defense has declined at a rapid pace; the offense is one dimensional and badly designed.

The funny thing is the offensive line has been serviceable the past three weeks, in pass protection it has been much better, but then Jay Cutler has done a great job of  of escaping pressure and scrambling for yards.

It speaks volumes about the targets that Cutler has to pass to, when Brandon Marshall is playing out of his mind and the only other receiver or tight end to take advantage of his play has been rookie WR Alshon Jeffery.

Jeffery has been a bright spark despite the injuries that have set back his development; the Bears have a future talent and another big target in the redzone. Be thankful of small mercies Bears’ fans because this season is falling apart at the seams yet again.

What it really shows to me is that Phil Emery should have rocked the boat last season and fired Lovie Smith before he could hire Mike Tice to waste yet another season with Cutler as the Bears’ franchise QB.

Robbie Gould is now done for the season (here for details), after being placed on Injured Reserve this morning, I know Gould is the 4th best kicker in the NFL all-time, but it speaks volumes about my faith in this team that this feels like the last nail in the 2012 seasons coffin.

I have always said bad teams find ways to lose, well the roll over and die attitude of this team annoys me intensely, Cutler gets crucified for his outbursts and sullen behaviour, but he seems to be one of the few coaches or players on this roster who actually cares what is going on with this team.

We all just have to face facts, Smith has had his era to lead the Bears to success and hasn’t, Jerry Angelo left this franchise in a very sorry state, for the sake of the Bears Emery better be the right man for the job otherwise it could be a very long time before the Bears have a viable shot at being considered a top team in the NFL on a season to season basis.

It is hard to feel good or optimistic about the outlook for the Bears in the coming weeks, of course I will watch and support this team every second until the season finishes, but I simply can’t see the Bears making a run at the superbowl because they don’t have the stones to overcome adversity, the sky is falling in Chicago because there is always an excuse for failure.

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