2013 NFL Draft- Gem of the Week: Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews-John McPeak

John McPeak- US Presswire

The NFL Draft is not all about getting that first overall draft pick, because in every draft you are bound to find a hidden gem who will have the ability to come in and make a sudden impact.

Jordan Matthews has the chance to not only move up in the draft, but make a splash for the team that drafts him.

Matthews, wide receiver from Vanderbilt, was selected ALL-SEC first team as a junior. Matthews has proved that he can be a very talented receiver competing with the SEC.

He averaged about 110 yards per game on the season, and he established a conference record with 1,262 yards on the season. That is a team record, and this was only his second year as a starter. If Matthews does enter the 2013 NFL draft, a team will most likely reach for him in late in the second round or early in the third.

Matthews, standing at 6’3 and weighing at 205, had 87 receptions on the 2012 college football season. Imagine him dropping to a team with a strong quarterback, he can be a threat all over the field.

As far as where Matthews can land, expect a team that is in playoff contention this season to make a move for him. The Green Bay Packers are a team that may take a look at Matthews, since Aaron Rodgers little brother, Jordan Rodgers, is the one who helped Matthews produce his exceptional statistics.

This draft isn’t the strongest it has been in year’s past at the wide receiver position, so Matthews may be off the board sooner than teams think.