Brandon Marshall Needs To Stop Providing Bulletin Board Material To Other Teams

By Riley Schmitt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

So Brandon Marshall feels disrespected. The Chicago Bears star wide receiver took shots at the Green Bay Packers during his press conference on Wednesday. Marshall hit on a number of topics, including things that were said by Charles Woodson after the two teams met earlier in the season. In this case, Marshall should probably stop talking and just play the game.

Here’s the thing.  Marshall spent some time railing against the thought of bulletin board material.  However, he responded to the material by firing back at Woodson.  Yes, Woodson took a shot at Jay Cutler after the teams first met.  I do not think that going back at Woodson is going to work well for him.  Trust me, the Packers don’t need any more motivation to win this upcoming game.

Marshall needs to just go out and play.  In the first game the teams played, a dropped touchdown pass by Marshall proved to be costly.  Maybe he should focus on improving that aspect of his game instead of things that were said three months ago.  By engaging in this type of behavior, he has already lost the battle.  I do not see any Packers going off on the Bears before they play this week.

We will see if Marshall backs up his tough talk on Sunday.  If he struggles, a lot of people will point to this unneeded chest thumping as a reason.  When you face a team that is on a roll, you don’t need to pump them up.

Oh, I do have one last question for Marshall.

You mad, bro?

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