Broncos vs. Ravens: NFL Week 15 Preview

By Mark Stringer
Evan Habeeb – US Presswire

The Baltimore Ravens (9-4) will host the Denver Broncos (10-3) this week in a game that could see two very similar offenses as Broncos QB Peyton Manning will face his former coach, Jim Caldwell.

It will be coach Caldwell’s first game as the Ravens offensive coordinator, but you can bet that the Ravens offense will start looking similar to that of the old Indianapolis Colts and Manning’s philosophies. The Ravens have plenty of weapons to make great use of a good offensive strategy. I think that Caldwell will be better prepared and will get more out of the Ravens offense than previous coordinator Cam Cameron.

This change should motivate the Broncos to get even more prepared because the Ravens offense will be pumped up to play for their new coordinator.

The Broncos will need to make sure that Caldwell can’t pull off the perfect game plan while giving the Broncos and Manning a taste of their own medicine by moving the ball consistency down the field and controlling the clock from start to finish. If the Ravens can pull this off and play defense well enough to cause Manning to make a few mistakes then they will have a shot at winning this game at home.

I see this game being very close and it will come down to the wire. The Ravens are at home and Caldwell will have them fired up and ready to play. Baltimore’s players will be playing with a new excitement and that alone will keep the game close.

However, I think the Broncos will adjust to Caldwell’s style of play-calling in the second half and make a couple of great plays on both sides of the ball and that will be enough to pull it out.

Prediction: Broncos 31, Ravens 30


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