Chad Henne Returns To Miami

By Craig Ballard

In 2008 the Miami Dolphins drafted Chad Henne in the second round (57 overall) out of the University of Michigan. He was a Dolphin from ’08 through ’11, and this Sunday he returns to Miami as the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Many feel that Henne has been a bust at the NFL level, but I know many felt he was never going to be a legit NFL QB anyway (I am with the latter group).

Henne went 13-18 as a starter for Miami. He lost his last seven starts. For games played at Sun Life Stadium he was 5-11, but he lost 10 of his final 11 starts at Sun Life.

The Dolphins often struggle vs AFC East opponents. Henne was 2-3 with four touchdowns and five interceptions vs the Buffalo Bills. He was 1-4 vs the New England Patriots with six touchdowns and six interceptions. He was at his best vs the New York Jets with a 3-1 record. Henne had six touchdowns and just one interception vs the Jets.

Henne threw 31 touchdowns, and was picked off 37 times as a Dolphin. Henne did not have any seasons with Miami where he threw more touchdowns than interceptions.

79.0 was Henne’s best QB rating as a Dolphin. He was sacked 67 times during his time in Miami.

Henne took over for Blaine Gabbert a few weeks ago. In that week 11 game vs the Houston Texans Henne went off for 354 yards and a QB rating of 126.8. His numbers have declined every game since. His pass yards since that game have been 261, 202, and last week just 185. His QB rating since that game have been 108.0, 57.8, and last week a putrid 41.3. The Henne from the last two weeks is the poor QB that Dolfans know.

Dolfans are staying away from home games in record numbers. The fan-base is furious/fed-up with this organization that has zero playoff wins since 2000. If Henne comes to Miami on Sunday and beats the Dolphins we will see a new low for ‘Phins phans, and I would anticipate we will see a new level of venom from the ‘Phins phaithful. I think the Dolphins will definitely win this game, but if they do not things will get ugly.

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