Could Linebacker Bobby Wagner Earn Rookie of the Year for the Seattle Seahawks?

By Jake Coburn


Seattle Seahawks - Bobby Wagner
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie Bobby Wagner has performed far beyond his second round draft status and has become a key member of the Seattle Seahawks defense at the middle linebacker position.

Wagner has become a leader in the key part of the defense and has shown that he can be a star linebacker in this league for the rest of his career.

In his first year with the team, Wagner leads the team in tackles totaling 109 through 13 games which also puts him in the top 10 in tackles for linebackers in the league. Wagner also leads his team in tackles for loss with six and is tied for second in interceptions with three only behind cornerback Richard Sherman.

So far this year, Seattle has seen a lot of production from their rookies and this is especially true for Wagner. If this is a glimpse of what Wagner’s career is going to be like, the Seahawks will be safe at the middle linebacker position for years to come.

With Wagner’s performance and how well the Seahawks defense is performing this season, the question comes up should the young linebacker be considered for defensive rookie of the year?

The answer is yes. Wagner has led a top defense and performed at a very high level. Looking at Wagner’s total tackles, his three interceptions, his two sacks, and his six tackles for loss, he has outperformed every other rookie out there.

Wagner is a top linebacker not just in the rookie class, but in the entire NFL. He has a solid chance at winning the award of defensive rookie of the year and will continue to be a top player in this league.

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