Dallas Cowboys Will Be Fine If Dez Bryant Is Lost For Year

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While the entire Dallas Cowboys nation is anxiously waiting to find out the status of Dez Bryant’s injured left index finger, I’ve come to bring you all some good news. The Cowboys will be fine if Bryant misses the rest of the season.

I can understand if you’re shaking your head and telling me that’s not the case but hear me out. Dallas is not void of offensive weapons and the team does have other receivers capable of helping win games.

Miles Austin has two 1,000 yard seasons under his belt for the Cowboys and he is on his way to another one this year. He is good enough to become the team’s number one receiver because he’s done it before. Austin can be explosive and he has the ability to break tackles in the open field the way Bryant does. He’s pretty healthy right now and the Cowboys should have no problem leaning on him.

The offense and Tony Romo can also rely on Jason Witten, or have you forgotten about him? He’s had three 1,000 yard receiver seasons and is well on his way to a fourth as well. Witten is also on pace to catch over 100 passes for the first time in his career. Romo and Witten work extremely well together so trusting Witten to pick up the slack should not be a problem.

There are also other receiving options for the Cowboys and despite how we all may feel about Kevin Ogletree, he is having the most productive season of his career. Jason Garrett has also used Dwayne Harris with more confidence each week and we all saw that Cole Beasley is a viable option as well.

It’s not just about the passing game though because with DeMarco Murray back the Cowboys have been running the ball with more efficiency. Murray was very good in the win over the Philadelphia Eagles and he picked up several key first downs last Sunday as well. Murray helps balance the Dallas offense no matter who lines up at receiver and it should relieve some of the pressure on the wide receivers.

None of this is meant to say the Cowboys won’t miss Dez Bryant’s talent, toughness, explosiveness or most of all, energy, but their offense does have reliable options to soften the blow. Bryant’s been outstanding the past few weeks and he’ll be missed but the Cowboys have good enough skill players to off-set his loss if he can’t play.

The biggest thing Dallas will surely miss is the energy he brings, so the team will need to find other ways to give the team a boost if it’s needed but it’s not the end of the Cowboys season if Dez doesn’t play.

Will it be harder for the Cowboys to make the playoffs without Dez Bryant? Yes, but we also thought that with the losses of Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and others. If this Cowboys team has shown us anything this year, it’s that they are a resilient group.

Bryant would be missed but all wouldn’t be lost without him.

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