Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck Looking to Extend Surprising Streak this Weekend

By Eric Smith
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The national media won’t ever dig into why Andrew Luck should win the rookie of the year this season. They’re so stuck on Robert Griffin III that they don’t want to see how special Luck. He’s nearly broke every rookie NFL record this season and should by time the year is over. He’s currently tied for another record that he could break this weekend which would be spectacular.

Since 1970, only Luck and Dennis Shaw of the ’70 Buffalo Bills has thrown more yards than the opposing teams quarterback in six straight games. If Luck can out-throw Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub on Sunday, he will set the NFL record with seven straight games.

What’s even more impressive is the guys he’s doing it against. He out-threw veterans like Matt Hasselbeck and Ryan Fitzpatrick and two of the leading passers in the league the last couple of seasons in Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford during this streak. He’s already showing he can compete in shootouts and outduel whoever the opposing quarterback is.

Those are four very good quarterback’s that are veterans that are getting outmatched by a rookie who’s only played in 13 games. If he can extend his streak this week, there’s no reason it shouldn’t go to the end of the season with nine games. Next week, he will face off against Brady Quinn of the Kansas City Chiefs, then get a rematch with Schaub and the Texans at home in the season finale.

How impressive would it be for a rookie to outduel his opposition in nine straight games to end the year?


Week 8 at Tennessee Titans – Luck, 297 Matt Hasselbeck, 236

Week 9 vs. Miami Dolphins – Luck, 433 Ryan Tannehill, 290

Week 10 at Jacksonville Jaguars – Luck, 227 Blaine Gabbert, 209

Week 11 at New England Patriots – Luck, 334 Tom Brady, 331

Week 12 vs. Buffalo Bills –  Luck, 240 Ryan Fitzpatrick, 180

Week 13 at Detroit Lions – Luck, 391 Matthew Stafford, 313

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