Kiss My Rant: Broncos Are The Most Complete Team in NFL

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

When Executive Vice President John Elway put the mold down for the Denver Broncos, then began assembling the pieces, I am sure he never had any indication that his work would be a success.  Through fourteen weeks in the 2012 season, it may even be fair to say that Elway has even surprised himself as to the rate of success that his team is experiencing.

But to be sitting at 10-3, while being the only team in the league that is in the top five in both offense and defense, is something that only dreams are made of.  Peyton Manning has taken the helm and has lived up to the billing as one of the greatest to ever play the game at the QB position.  Wide receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are having career years, and even Knowshon Moreno has been resurrected in the wake of losing Willis McGahee to injury.

However, it has been the defense that has been the biggest surprise, when there were so many question marks surrounding the linebackers, and bringing in new defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.  But the Broncos now have the third best defense in the NFL, with a pass rush that is simply monstrous, and a secondary that is bothersome to opposing quarterbacks.  And, oh yeah.  The linebackers have proved to be as athletic and disruptive as any in the league.

So where does that leave the Denver Broncos?  Will they win the Super Bowl just because the numbers say they are the most complete team in the NFL?

Not so fast.  There happens to be one team that will step between them and their eventual destiny in 2012.  That would be the evil empire from Foxboro Stadium, the New England Patriots, along with their duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

If there is one team you can never discount at any time leading into January, that would be the Patriots.  With the masterful game planning of Belichek, to the execution and command of the offense by Brady, it would be foolish to say the Broncos are the favorites in the AFC.  Just look at the spanking the Pats put on the Houston Texans this past week, and that should be the only proof you would need.

So just sit back and enjoy the ride for now, Broncos fans.  Because while you may boast of rooting for the most complete team in the NFL, while looking ahead to a Vince Lombardi trophy, there just may be a road block waiting down the road.  The Broncos may have a NFL MVP candidate, a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, and Comeback Player of the Year on their squad, but that does not necessarily mean they are the best team in the league.


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