Minnesota Vikings' Defense Must Continue to Spark Team

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s now a three-game season for the Minnesota Vikings. The cliche of all cliches is ‘one game at a time,’ but that’s no doubt the mentality the Vikings should have heading into their week 15 matchup with the St. Louis Rams.

You could in some regards say the Vikings are limping into this game, but it’s really only the passing game that’s been bad lately. Minnesota has the best running attack in the NFL, simply because they have Adrian Peterson. In terms of production, you really can’t ask for much more out of the ground game than the Vikings have received this year.

Last week, the defense stepped up to plate and made some big plays in a must-win game. This was the spark the team sorely needed from a place other than the backfield.

Josh Robinson, Harrison Smith, and Everson Griffen all stepped up and made an impact in the win over the Chicago Bears. All three players are young and talented, and fans should be very encouraged.

It’s going to take guys other than Jared Allen, Antoine Winfield, and Chad Greenway making plays to put the Vikings over the top in these last three games.

I’ve given up on the passing attack. I hope that I’m wrong and Christian Ponder comes out on fire this Sunday, but I just highly doubt it. Game-changing plays are going to have to come from somewhere else on team, and the only logical place is from the defense.

It’s going to be throw-back 1955 football the rest of the way for the Vikings. Running and defense, that’s all they’ve got at this point, and they have to live or die with it. Sad to say, but any production from the passing game is merely a bonus at this point.

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